50 Best Things To Do On Christmas Around The World

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From diving into the freezing water to riding a Camel, the Christmas celebrations are different in different regions of the world. Depending on the traditions and cultures, people do a lot of interesting things to make the Christmas spirit alive. Whether you are celebrating the Christmas in your hometown or going to a foreign place, you can observe it in various ways that will add a dose of fun to this festivity. Here are few things that people belonging to different countries do on Christmas:

1. Sydney – Celebrations on Beach

In Australia, people follow a tradition of celebrating Christmas on beach! Suffers dress up like Santa Claus and Christmas trees are also placed on sand. People prefer BBQ to prepare their Christmas dinners there. Bondi beach is famous for its Christmas celebrations where a lot of people gather to have fun on Christmas. 

christmas celebration in sydney

2. Pokhara – Boating at Phewa Lake

Have you ever thought of celebrating a peaceful Christmas in Nepal? You can spend your Christmas by indulging in some of the recreational activities in Pokhara. Have a lunch at hotels behind Phewa Lake or go for boating.
christmas celebration in pokhara

3. Japan – Christmas Dinner at KFC

In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a special Christmas Day feast. Eating fried chicken on Christmas has now become a tradition there. KFC offers an exclusive menu for Christmas which is loved by everybody.
christmas celebration in japan

4. Istanbul – Christmas Shopping at Grand Bazar

Christmas is not complete without shopping! If you are in Turkey for Christmas then you can buy world`s best Christmas gifts from Istanbul`s Grand Bazar. Tourists from every region of the world prefer to shop for Christmas from this bazaar.
christmas celebration in istanbul

5. Karachi – Christmas Parade with Camels

Karachite don`t need reindeers because they have camels!  You can join the Christmas rally in which they ride camels and sing cheerful Christmas songs in their native language. This is something you won`t find in any other country.
christmas celebration in karachi

6. Hong Kong – a visit to Disney Land

If you want to enjoy your Christmas to the fullest like you used to do in your childhood, then you should spend your day at the Hong Kong`s very own Disney Land! This theme park has everything which will unleash your inner child.
christmas celebration in hongkong

7. Aruba – Attend Christmas Carnivals

Although you will not find much Christians in Aruba, their Christmas season is jam-packed with celebrations!  The Christmas Carnivals are something you can`t miss. Take rides and receive presents from Sinterklaas ( the Dutch version of Santa Claus). 
christmas celebration in aruba

8. Paris – Ride on the giant Ferris wheel

Christmas Celebrations in this city are worth-watching. This city of lights has spectacular Christmas decorations which you can see by taking a whole view of Paris through a ride on the giant Ferris wheel! This huge wheel is present at Place de la Concorde.
christmas celebration in paris

9. Budapest – Sledging at Normafa Park

Budapest is a beautiful city of Hungary. This Christmas, if you want to have real winter fun in snow then Normafa hill is a heaven for you! You must go sledging at Normafa Park, this will serve as a life-long experience for you.
christmas celebration in budapest

10. Lapland – Celebrate with Santa

As soon as December starts, Christmas celebrations in Lapland can be observed in full-swing. This is the place which connects you to your very own Santa Claus. Here, you can a ride on a reindeer sleigh, meet Santa`s elves and can also learn to prepare Christmas meals from Mrs. Claus.
christmas celebration in lapland

11. San Fernando – Giant Lantern Festival

In San Fernando, Christmas celebration usually starts from September. One of their main festivities is the Giant Lantern Festival which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are planning to spend your Christmas in Philippines, do attend this epic festival. 
christmas celebration in san fernando

12. San Francisco – Time for Skating

The best part about Christmas in San Francisco is skating under the 83-foot Christmas tree in Union Square! People from all over America especially come to San Francisco for this amazing skating experience! Put on your skates and get ready for it!
christmas celebration in san francisco

13. Vancouver – Head to Festival of Lights

You can see VanDusen Botanical Garden dazzling in over a million lights covering 15 acres of the garden. The main attractions are ginger bread walk and candy cane tree. Additionally, you can also see dancing lights show and will be also provided with Christmas treats.
christmas celebration in vancouver

14. Bora Bora – Visit Matira Beach

What about spending the Christmas at the most beautiful island in the world? You can have the most pleasant Christmas by visiting Matira Beach which is the most exquisite white sand beach! You can snorkel in its blue water, view the mesmerizing sunset or taste the Tahitian specialties.
christmas celebration in bora bora

15. Dallas – Enjoy at Frisco Square

Dallas has got a lot of exciting stuff to make your Christmas enjoyable! If you want to feel the real Christmas Spirit, visit Frisco Square. Every year at Christmas, Frisco Square hosts a nightly light and music show. Visitors can also have a carriage ride and can have fun on snow slides!
christmas celebration in dallas

16. Munich – Shop At Its Peak

Special Christmas Markets are set up in Munich making it one of the most popular destinations for Christmas shopping! You can see 20 markets popping up at Marienplatz where you can see a large variety of traditional gifts and treats.
christmas celebration in munich

17. London – Visit Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

The biggest Christmas attraction in London is Hyde Park Winter Wonderland! Every person residing in London visits this event that is held in Hyde Park, from mid-November to January. In this event you will find everything from Carousel Bar to Magical Ice Kingdoms.
christmas celebration in london

18. Colombo – Eat the Authentic Sri Lankan Christmas Cake

Do you know that the Sri Lankan Christmas Cake is famous all over the world? It is not the usual Christmas plum cake that you eat on Christmas, they prepare it with a special twist by using their secret ingredients. You can look for its recipe on internet, but you can only get its exotic taste in Colombo!

19. Madrid – The Navibus Tour

Christmas in Madrid is incomplete without The Navibus Tour! This tour will let you see sparkling Christmas lights throughout the city. This tour is about 45 to 50 minutes long and is very reasonably priced too. 
christmas celebration in madrid

20. Chicago – Sight Seeing at Lincoln Park Zoo

Experience the real spirit of Christmas by getting fascinated by thousands of lights that brighten up the Lincoln Park Zoo! It is a FREE event that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Visit the animals and have some warm snacks too! 
christmas celebration in chicago

21. Ethiopia – Celebrate White Christmas

Ethiopians celebrate birth of Jesus on 7th January! Everyone dresses in white from head to toe, they also don a traditional turban which is known as Shamma. On Christmas afternoon, they play a traditional ball-game which is famously known as Ganna.
christmas celebration in ethiopia

22. Estonia – Take a Warm Bath

In Estonia, there is a famous Christmas tradition that families go to sauna to take a hot bath together! They believe that nothing is better than taking a relaxing bath on Christmas Eve with your loved ones. 
christmas celebration in estonia

23 Sweden – Eat Christmas Rice Pudding

In Sweden, people wait for the Christmas whole year long to eat the most famous rice pudding for their Christmas Breakfast! An almond is hidden in this festive dessert and it is believed that whoever finds its first will get married within a year. 
christmas celebration in Sweden

24. Italy – Meet Befana

In Italy, children don`t wait for Santa Claus! You know why? Because they have Befana! She is a witch that delivers Christmas present to children. This tradition of La Befana is something without which an Italian Christmas celebration is incomplete.
christmas celebration in italy

25. Remedios - Las Parrandas de Remedios

Every year, this Cuban city hosts an exclusive Christmas festival named Las Parrandas de Remedios. Tourists visit Remedios just to attend this spectacular festival. There you will see rumba dance parades, explosive firework shows and big colorful floats.
christmas celebration in remedios

26. Dublin- Go for The Christmas Day Swim

Have you ever thought of celebrating Christmas by swimming in freezing cold water? Dubliners do this! The Christmas Day swim is a long-held tradition in which people dive into the freezing sea in Sandycove.
christmas celebration in Dublin

27. Morocco – Go Glamping

How about spending the Christmas in one of the Morocco`s glampsites? Glamping is a luxurious type of camping which is very famous in Arab countries too. In Morocco, you will find glamping areas in the desert. Nothing is better than spending quality time at such a peaceful place.
christmas celebration in Morocco

28. Lisbon – Eat Rabanadas

When you visit Lisbon in Christmas you must eat “Rabanadas”, Portugal`s most famous Christmas Delicacy. They resemble French toast but have an incredible taste. You can find different variety of Rabanadas including chocolate, cinnamon, lemon and orange ones! There are Rabanadas to satisfy every taste bud.
christmas celebration in Lisbon

29. India – Decorate a Banana Tree

Do you know that Indians decorate Banana Tree for Christmas? You can`t find a Pine tree or a Fir tree in India, that`s why Christians in India decorate Mango trees or Banana trees as their Christmas tree!
christmas celebration in India

30. Finland – Remembering the Dead

In Finland people celebrate their Christmas by visiting the graves of their loved ones. They also light candles in memory of the deceased. The ones who don`t have the graves of their family member nearby visit the cemeteries to pay tribute to their ancestors.
christmas celebration in Finland

31. Catalonia – Decorate a Christmas Log

Have you ever heard of decorating a log of wood for Christmas? In Catalonia, children decorate a log with a face and a hat and their parents store small gifts inside it. At Christmas, they whack the log with a stick to discover the hidden gifts.
christmas celebration in Catalonia

32. Dubai – Take a Cruise

A Dubai Stay + Cruise will give you a luxurious Christmas. Select a cruise of your choice and experience life like never before. You can have a view of the best manmade islands of the world and can indulge in a number of amazing activities. You can take low-budget one- day cruises on Christmas.
christmas celebration in dubai

33. Syria – Make a Tree from Empty Shells

Christmas is very different in Syria because this place is always under bombardments and ground offensives. They can`t celebrate the Christmas to the fullest but they make a special kind of Christmas tree from the empty mortar and rocket shells! Unfortunately, Syrians don`t have a happy Christmas.
christmas celebration in syria

34. Brussels – Have some Coffee

Brussels is a fantastic place for Christmas treats. There is a place known as Askum Coffee House where you can have the best coffee along with their signature cake. This is a perfect Christmas breakfast one can have in Brussels. They offer you a friendly atmosphere with a great service too.
christmas celebration in brussels

35. Yiwu – Visit Santa`s Real Workshop

Yiwu is known as the Christmas Village of China! It is a small town in China that has 600 factories producing 60% of all Christmas decorations in the world. There you will find everything colored in red! From artificial Christmas trees to Santa`s hat, they manufacture everything there!
christmas celebration in Yiwu

36. Montreal – Cut Down your Own Tree

Do you want to cut your Christmas tree by your own? In Montreal, there are hundreds of places nearby from where you can find your own tree. The best option of all is Quinn Farm, it is just 30 minutes away from downtown and you will surely find a perfect tree there.
christmas celebration in Montreal

37. Singapore – A Singaporean Style Christmas Feast

The best thing about the Christmas in Singapore is the Singaporean Christmas feast! As there are many people from different cultural backgrounds living together, you can have a variety of dishes for Christmas together with a blend of different tastes. Asian seasonings and herbs will surely spice up your Christmas dinner table.
christmas celebration in Singapore

38. Malaysia – Give & Receive Ang Paus

Malays prefer to give money instead of gifts. Adults wrap money in red paper or put it in red envelopes, and give it to children so that they can buy whatever they want.  This gift is known as “Ang Pau” in their native language. They don`t want to deal with the hassle of buying gifts that`s why this tradition has now become very common in Malaysia.
christmas celebration in Malaysia

39. Germany – Finding the Pickle Ornament

When Germans decorate the Christmas tree, they hide a pickle ornament in its branches. The first child, who finds this ornament on Christmas morning, gets a unique gift! Children look forward to this tradition and love finding the pickle ornament. 
christmas celebration in Germany

40. Wellington - Walk up Mount Victoria

What about going for a morning walk on Christmas? One of the main attractions in Wellington is Mount Victoria that gives 360-degree scenic views of the whole city. This will give you an amazing Christmas Experience with your friends and family.
christmas celebration in Wellington

41. Malta – Build a Christmas Crib

The Maltese cribs are the most integral elegant of the Christmas Celebrations in Malta. You can see a lot of antique cribs displayed at museums or can make one of your own. The famous activity of building cribs is very famous throughout the country. People use rustic stones, clay, cartons, paper-mache and other techniques for building a giant-sized crib. 
christmas celebration in Malta

42. Barcelona - Experience Snow at Casa Batlló

At Christmastime, there is nothing better than visiting Casa Batlló! You can see snow covering whole of the Casa Batllo, this sight reflects a full Christmas Spirit. Their special effect`s artists creates artificial snow fall too. Along with a big Christmas tree, it gives a complete holiday scene. 
christmas celebration in Barcelona

43. Jerusalem – Attend Christmas Concerts

Jerusalem is famous for its Christmas concerts. Musician and singers from different places visit Jerusalem to perform at the Christmas Concerts. Every year, the biggest concert takes place at The Dormition Abbey which is situated on Mount Zion. The chorus performs holiday songs, creating a festive atmosphere.
christmas celebration in Jerusalem

44. Bangladesh – Eat Pitha & Burn Bamboos

In Bangladesh, Christmas is known as the “Bara Din”. Bengali Christians celebrate Christmas by visiting churches, exchanging gifts and feasting. They have a special sweet “Pitha” which is eaten in every home at Christmas. They also burn bamboos to illuminate the way from their homes to the churches.
christmas celebration in Bangladesh

45. Mexico – Eat Revoltijo de Romeritos

Mexican cuisine is famous all over the world. That`s why in Mexico, there are a lot of traditional Christmas Dishes. Revoltijo de Romeritos is one of the authentic dishes that is served as part of the Christmas Eve feast. This dish is made up of shrimps, potatoes, almond, chilies and cinnamon that deliver an authentic Mexican flavor.
christmas celebration in Mexico

46. York – Visit the Ice Trail

Are you ready for an icy outdoor adventure? Experience the biggest ice trail in the UK! This ice trail at York will transform it into a dazzling ice sculpture city on Christmas. You will find massive ice statutes and can also see live sculpting! And there is also a chance to win amazing festive gifts!
christmas celebration in York

47. Mauritius- Enjoy during Peak Summer

Who doesn`t want to spend Christmas on this tropical paradise? In December, the tourist season reaches its peak in Mauritius. If you are one of those who wants to spend Christmas in Sun wearing their shorts and bikini, then you must book a flight to Mauritius!
christmas celebration in Mauritius

48. Philadelphia – Running of the Santas

Every year in Philadelphia, a huge bar crawl is organized in which participants dress up as Santas. These Santas run from bar to bar, spreading the real festive feel around the city. Every year, thousands of people participate in this event. The proceeds from this event are given to a charity.
christmas celebration in Philadelphia

49. Switzerland - Meet Santa`s Sidekick Schmutzli

In Switzerland, Santa doesn`t come alone. He bring along a mysterious sidekick, “Schmutzli” with him. His face is hidden beneath a black cape and he is there to punish disobedient children, he swats them with a broom made of twigs. Schmutzli remains silent and never say a word and no one can ever see his face. He is also known as The Bad Santa.
christmas celebration in Switzerland

50. Argentina – Experience the Fireworks

Although there are fireworks on almost every region of the world on Christmas but the Argentinean fireworks are something that will take your breath away! Another unique tradition of Christmas in Argentina is the Globos. They are paper balloons that are lit from inside and floats upwards creating a beautiful festive sight.
christmas celebration in Argentina


This Christmas, get ready for a lot of fantastic stuff! If you have become fascinated by these things that people do on Christmas, you can also try doing something that you have done before. If there is something special that you do for Christmas or a particular Christmas tradition being followed in your city, share it with us and let the world know about it!