Black Friday Facts You Didn`t Know About

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Great news for Shopaholics! Big day of the year is around the corner. Yes, you guess it right! Black Friday is here, the holy day for Shopaholics to show their passion for shopping. But do you think that just being a shopaholic means that you love to shop? If that`s the case then dear you have many grades left to graduate with the degree of Shopping. Because shopping doesn`t  mean giving all your money away, it is about knowing all the links and chains that are connected to Shopping. The real Shopping Lover must know all the fantastic Black Friday Facts.

Don`t start to worry if you don`t know all the cool Black Friday Facts. I`m sure after reading my blog your knowledge will undoubtedly be increased to some level. After which you can easily debate or show off to your friends with your knowledge of shopping.

Before I share these facts, tell me one thing, do you know the history behind this day?

Well, let`s start with the little background facts about Black Friday and let`s take a look at what is Black Friday all about.

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We all know that Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving. But what very few people know is that how did Black Friday start. Well, it`s neither originated in the 21st Century nor has it been celebrated since 18th or 19th Century. In the mid 20th Century, the term “Black Friday” was used by the cops in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia cops couldn`t take the day off; instead, they have to work extra-long shifts to manage the chaos crowd of shoppers create the day after Thanksgiving.

Sad day for U.S. Police!


Thanks to the two financiers James Fish and Jay Gould, who infamously tried to monopolize the gold market in 1869, the term “Black Friday” came into being, which was later be known as “Black Tuesday” in 1929 due to the stock market crash on Tuesday.

And that`s how the name “Black Friday” struck the minds, which was later in 1966, was known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. And guess what? This title was coined by the police department of Philadelphia to describe as a day when the streets and shops were full of traffic and congestion. And not just this but also full of shoplifting and other annoyance as well.


Do you know that they even tried to rename Black Friday?

Well, apparently Black Friday was spreading negative influence among the local, so the merchant objected on using such insulting term to refer the most important and profitable shopping day of the year.

Too much of the history? Ok, let`s move to the cool stuff about Black Friday Facts.


Did you know that before 1990`s Black Friday wasn`t even a national term?

Well yes, Philadelphia held this as a little secret of their own for a very long time. And then in 1980`s, it broke all its chains, and people started mentioning it outside of Philadelphia.

And in the mid 90`s Black Friday became widespread.


Well, there are a lot of things to know about Black Friday.

I mean no one can possibly know everything, there`s always room left to learn something new.

Did you know that in 2001 Black Friday had become the biggest shopping day of the year?

Well, it has! And it still is the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year. I say it`s not just the biggest busiest shopping day. The most stunning Black Friday Facts is that it is also the violent and scariest shopping day as well.

In 2008 on Black Friday, almost 2000 shoppers waited anxiously for 5 A.M. opening of the Wal-Mart, and once the gates open the crowd burst in, breaking the door down. And this is not it; the poor 34-year-old employee was tamping down to death.

On Black Friday 2010, a woman was arrested for cutting the line outside the Toys `R` Us store.  Well, she didn`t only cut the front of course; she did something much more violent. She threatened to shoot the other shoppers who would object.

Yeah! People do get crazy about shopping.

You must know that this madness is not just about shopping or cutting line. It`s about parking spaces as well. In 2012 on Black Friday, there was a conflict on parking space and two men were shot over this.


As I have already passed on most of the information about the amazing Black Friday facts, I think sharing some statistics will astonish you or at least the marketers. 

Here are some Black Friday facts & statistics for the merchandisers,

•Almost 85% of the retailers send email to their customers about Black Friday deals (Source:

•26% of those surveyed planned on shopping online on Thanksgiving. (Source: Deloitte)

•More than 74 percent of frequent online shoppers plan to look for online coupons and coupon codes this year, compared with 63 percent last year. (Source

•Holiday television commercials will be tuned into by 31.7 percent of shoppers in an effort to find those awesome gifts. (Source: National Retail Federation)

•Nearly three-quarters of retailers will use their Facebook page to reach out to shoppers, up from 57.1 percent last year. (Source:

I`m sure the excitement is hitting its peak, and the competition among vendors is increasing after reading all the statistics. But stay calm people; there a lot more outstanding Black Friday Facts to fill up the excitement level for the shopping. 

Every man and woman is excited about the biggest shopping day of the year. But if you think that Black Friday is only for Elder people, men or women, you are wrong.

Since it`s the day that gives a heads up to the holiday season, who can avail more than Kids? Well, of course, Women, but what about after Women?

Don`t expect the answer by looking at the other side of your bed, because the answer is Kids. 

You must know the fantastic Black Friday Facts for Kids. Well I must warn these facts will definitely going to haunt all the Moms out there, but it`s really entertaining for kids. And all those mothers who already have some experience of bringing kids to the Black Friday sale, they will surely agree with me to the most of the points.


Going for shopping with kids? Don`t forget to stuff your bag with lots of snacks because they will ultimately become so hungry they will probably eat you limb by limbs. Shopping with kids sounds fun but it can be really traumatic for you.


Oh yes, be prepared for the frequent desire to go to washrooms. Not while you are in the toilet already of course. Just be prepared!


If you are planning to bring the kid along then, you must know that there will be incredible discounts on the Video Games and toys. You think you will buy as much stuff you want for yourself? Well, Good Luck with that.

I`m sure you must be horrified right now and must be considering giving a second thought to bringing the children along for Black Friday Shopping. In case you bring your kids along, then you must keep an eye on them and have a safe shopping.


Do you think that these Black Friday Facts are enough to fill up your brain? Let me tell you, sweetheart; you are wrong!

There can never be too much of the knowledge for any person.

Are you aware of the fact that what is the most selling item on Black Friday?

Think! Think!

Give up? Okay, let me help you know the top products that are the real steal if you buy them from Black Friday sale.

First of all, you must know that Electronics items are the best selling items on Black Friday since the cost of the products comes down about 60 to 80%. Here`s a small list of some electronic items that you want to buy but couldn`t afford in regular days due to the expensive cost,


There will be significant discounts on the TV sets. Be ready to grab one from Black Friday sale if you are planning to get a new one. 


There will be tons of Tablets to buy on the low price. You name the brand, and it will be there in the astoundingly discounted prices.


Another huge deals of Black Friday are Laptops. The entire Laptops brand will be available for you. And don`t forget that Medium-sized laptops will be available at the most astonishing prices.


Games and Consoles are incredibly cheap if you are willing to buy from Black Friday sale. Whichever video game you want to buy whether it is Xbox or Play Station or Nintendo, you can buy these entire games and consoles collection at the most reasonable price.

So now you have the list of best selling items, you are now aware of most of the Black Friday Facts, you now know how to shop for Black Friday. I know what you must be thinking right now!

Enjoy shopping at Black Friday, buy loads of stuff and yes, do visit for Black Friday updates on hundreds of brands. And do let me know with your comment whether you enjoyed these Black Friday Facts and how was your Black Friday Shopping this year went.

I will be waiting to read your interesting comments! XOXO.