Little-known Fun & Weird Thanksgiving Facts

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All I ever knew about Thanksgiving was that it`s a day to pay thanks to God and to eat lots of turkey, loads of mashed potatoes and heaps of pumpkin pies & cranberry pies. But then I came to know about some of the most interesting mind-blowing Thanksgiving facts which I can`t resist sharing with you all! These fascinating Thanksgiving facts took my Thanksgiving knowledge to a whole new level! Here is a list of facts about Thanksgiving, let`s see how many of these Thanksgiving facts you already know.    

What are some interesting facts about the first Thanksgiving?

We celebrate Thanksgiving each year but the first Thanksgiving Day that was celebrated centuries ago has its own significance. Look at these Thanksgiving Day history facts and come to know so many new things about this famous day. 

1. When was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated? 

In autumn of 1621, 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving till three days in the United States of America! 

2. What was the menu of first Thanksgiving Dinner?

Turkey is excessively eaten on Thanksgiving Day and no one can imagine Thanksgiving without a Turkey!  From famous historians we came to know that no turkey was present on the menu the first Thanksgiving Day! Ducks, oysters, lobster, pumpkins and fish were served. Apart from Turkey all the famous dishes that we usually love to eat at Thanksgiving Dinner including mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, pumpkin pies, were not present on the first Thanksgiving Dinner! 

3. How did it transform from a Fast to a Feast?  

As the name indicates Thanksgiving was come to being as a day to celebrate the season`s first harvest by giving thanks to God through praying and staying away from food.  But, with the time this fast was turned into a three-day feast by the Wampanoag Indians and all thanks to them that today we are eating a variety of mouth-watering dishes at our Thanksgiving dinner. 

4. When was the first Thanksgiving Day Parade took place?

Thanksgiving Day Parade was formerly known as Macy`s Christmas Parade which was used to identify the start of Christmas shopping season. The first Thanksgiving Day Parade took place in 1924, it was arranged by Macy`s employees and animals from the Central Park Zoo were also present there in that parade. Since then this parade is carried out every year and today up to 3 million people attend it and about 44 million watch its live broadcast. 

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts and Trivia

Now as you have already known about the first Thanksgiving facts let`s tell you some other Thanksgiving history facts and fun facts about this unique day! 

1. When did Thanksgiving become a National Holiday?

Can you believe that even after 200 years Thanksgiving didn`t become a national holiday! In 1863 President Lincoln declared as an official holiday! Writer of the song “Marry had a little lamb” held a campaign for 17 years to convince the president to declare Thanksgiving as a countrywide holiday. 

2. How Thanksgiving became the reason for the first TV dinner? 

In 1953 first TV dinner was born because of the Thanksgiving! The very famous poultry brand Swanson was left over with 260 tons of turkey! They had an idea; they sliced it and packed it in 5000 Aluminum trays along with some sides like peas, cornbread, mashed potatoes. In this way the first TV dinner was born. Whenever we talk about Thanksgiving facts, this is the one we can`t miss. 

3. What do you know about Presidential pardon of a turkey? 

It`s a Thanksgiving tradition in which the US president pardons a turkey by and spares it from becoming the food of the people on Thanksgiving Dinner. In 1947 President Truman started it when he pardoned a turkey who served as a as Grand Marshal of the park`s Thanksgiving Day parade. Since then this tradition is being followed by every year by every president. 

4. Do only Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving was born in the U.S.A but it doesn`t mean that it`s America-only holiday. Canadians also celebrate it but on a different day which is the second Monday in October. In Canada, the first official Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1879. You will be surprised to know that Germany, Japan, Korea, Liberia and Norfolk Island also celebrate Thanksgiving on different dates depending on their harvest season. 

5. Why once in the history the Thanksgiving was celebrated on a different day? 

In 1939, instead of the fourth Thursday, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday of the November. President Roosevelt took a decision of shifting Thanksgiving Day to the third Thursday because he wants to expand the shopping season by giving seven extra days to shoppers. But, Americans didn`t like that change and it was shifted back to its original date in 1942. 

Exciting Thanksgiving Facts for Kids

Kids are always excited about Thanksgiving day because of the of the special Thanksgiving crafts, Thanksgiving treats, Thanksgiving activities and Thanksgiving games planned for them on this day! Here are some of the Thanksgiving facts that kids will love to know! 

1. What`s the main aim of Thanksgiving? 

Kids must know why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day? Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to take out some time and thank God for his infinite blessings and favors. It is the time for us to reflect upon the things we should be grateful for. Avail this chance and on this special day thank God from the core of your heart.

2. What Famous song was originally composed for Thanksgiving? 

The famous Christmas Song Jingle Bells was composed by James Pierpont especially for the children celebrating Thanksgiving at his Boston Sunday School. It became so famous that it was repeated year after year on Christmas too and finally it became a Christmas-only Song.  

3. Why Football is played on Thanksgiving? 

In 1934 NFL broad casted a football game between Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears on the Thanksgiving Day. This match became a hit and over 26000 tickets were sold two weeks before the match date. Since then, every year Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys host football matches on Turkey Day. 

4. Who voted Turkey as America`s National Bird?

Ben Franklin always wanted to have turkey as the national bird of the US but sadly he couldn`t succeed in making it one. He wanted turkey to represent the United States of America instead of a bald eagle because according to him it`s a much more respectable bird and an original American native too.

Coolest Thanksgiving Facts Every One Must Know 

Lastly, we have this list of some super awesome Thanksgiving Facts that are important for everyone to know. These will increase your Thanksgiving Knowledge and will reveal a new side of Thanksgiving Day to you. 

1. Which day defines the Beginning of the Shopping season? 

Most of the retailers release their Black Friday deals and discounts on Thanksgiving Day making it an official start to the shopping season. People stand in queues outside their favorite store from the Thanksgiving morning! Many stores also offer exclusive Thanksgiving deals and freebies too. This year every famous store in US is offering Thanksgiving Deals 2017

2. How much Turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving Day? 

It is estimated that each year around 46 million turkeys are cooked for Thanksgiving dinner which is more than Christmas and Easter combined, making it the most famous holiday in terms of turkey consumption. But surprisingly not everyone eats Turkey; about 12% of the Americans don`t prefer adding turkey to their Thanksgiving meals. 

3. Which is the busiest day for plumbers?

It is one of the most surprising Thanksgiving facts that Record breaking meal preparation for Thanksgiving dinner leads to clogged drains and that`s why plumbers are much needed on the day after the Thanksgiving! When guests come over for Thanksgiving Party there are additional washing, showers and toilet which disturb the sewerage system and then you need to call a plumber as soon as possible.  

4. Have you ever heard of Turkey hotline?

Do you know that you can get answers to your every Turkey related questions and queries just by making a call to the Turkey hotline? The Turkey Talk-Line was created in 1981 which is available to serve you each November. They answer over 100,000 calls each season! Now, they have also included advanced features of email, texting, live chat, and interaction on social media platforms.

5. What to do with turkey leftovers?

Best thing after the Thanksgiving? The turkey leftovers! Many people enjoy turkey leftovers to the fullest by creating delicious and mouthwatering dishes with them. There are a lot of tempting recipes available on the internet which you can prepare from these leftovers. Search the internet for countless tasty recipes. 

This was my list of Thanksgiving Facts, hope you have found it interesting and it helped you in having an in-depth knowledge about the Thanksgiving Day! What is the most astounding fact you have come across about Thanksgiving? Share it with us too! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Eating!