25 Most-Addictive Free PC Games for Every Gameaholic

By ADMIN Writer, builtreviews.

Listen up all the gamers I’ve got some mind-blowing news for you! Now, you can play high-quality PC games without wasting hefty amount of dollars! Just explore my list of best PC games that are free to play.

These are some of the best PC games for teenagers and adults to play in their leisure time with their friends. You can also checkout G2A website for the premium quality games and get massive discounts by G2A Coupon on your game purchases.


Test your shooting skills in this thrilling game based on the storyline of privateer space marines battling and attacking their enemies. The graphics and animation of Warframe are exciting and smooth. You play as `Tenno` the member of ancient species.  You can play with up to four players in this online co-operation game. This tops the list of free PC games.


World Of Tanks is a multiplayer team-based game which comes in the list of best free PC games. In this game, your team of tanks competes against another team and whoever destroys the tanks of a team first, wins the game. You can also try different tanks in the game ranging from standard to giant tank. So put your teamwork skills into this game and get addicted.


The story of War Thunder is set between the World War II taking place, and you have the choice to either become a firefighter or a commander controlling the tank on the ground. Both the stories are fun and completely different from each other. You are destined to shoot your enemies, its detailed graphics are sure to bring a lot of fun and realism in your game experience. This awesome game joins the free to play games list.

4.  RIFT

Rift is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). The storyline of the game is set in a place called Telera. In the game, you’ll have to defeat humungous monsters in order to close the rifts occurring in the game rapidly. You have an option to choose between the defiant or to be the guardian, either way, this game makes to the list of fun free games for PC.


This game is also a 3D science-fiction MMORPG. You get to own a spaceship, and you’ll be the captain of that ship and give commands to your team or hired staff. And you’ll love fighting in your spaceship with your rivals for sure. No doubt Star Trek online is an addictive and challenging game, but it also comes in the list of best free to play games.


Neverwinter is an action game based on the commended dungeons and dragons universe. You play the role of the hero in this game, keeping the lands of Neverwinter safe from all the troubles. You can also create your own adventures in the game, and other players can play those as their quests which sounds really fun. Neverwinter features in the best free online games of all time.


The Lord Of The Rings online game features a universe based on adventures, duels, and wars. Play epic quests and win greater rewards. This game is a traditional massively multiplayer online MMO game. The Lord Of The Rings is featured in the best free games of all times.


Star Conflict marks the list of best free computer games of 2017. This game is a massive multiplayer simulation game. You get to play the role of elite pilots who engage in intergalactic battles. This game is adventurous and fun to play.


The list of top free PC games inevitably features World Of Warships in them. This game is set in the era of WWII in which you get to control a ship and battle with other players on other ships and shooting them skillfully with a great distance.


Archeage is a 3D-sandbox, unique, fantasy MMORPG. The game is set in the gothic fantasy world of Elenor. Master your skills in combating, thievery, and even crafting through this adventurous game. It tops the list of all-time free to play PC games.


Crossout is a fun vehicle-based MMO game for PC. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic globe in which you get to customize your war machines and weapons and combat in a team-based challenge. It tops the list of PC games free to play all the time.  


Duelyst is a turn-based strategy game. It lets you battle with the other generals in a rival-cities tournament which decides who takes the trophy home. This game ranks on the list of free games for PC.


Embrace your shooting skills with Paladins. Players have to meet their objectives within the given period which makes this game very challenging. It comes on the list of fun free games because it is really addictive.

14.  SMITE

Smite is one of the best multiplayer online battle arena MOBA fantasy game. In this game, you’ll play as Gods and battle in team-based arenas. It stands out amongst all the other best multiplayer games.


Hearthstone is a collectible card game CCG and is MMO based. The game is based on some interesting magic strategies makingit unique and fun to play. It takes the highest rank on the list of fun to play, top free games.

16. EVE

EVE is a sandbox MMO role-playing game. The game lets you control your spaceship and participate in mining, combat, trading, piracy, fleet warfare, and manufacturing. It makes its way in the best free computer games of all times.


Paragon is a third-person science-fiction MOBA game which lets you play as a hero to save your arena from any trouble or damage. It tops the list of best free RPG games for PC.


It is featured on the list of best free games for PC. Dirty Bomb is a 3D team-oriented frame per second FPS game. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic London. It lets you complete tons of challenges, and you get to have unique abilities and weapons. It is marked on the list of top free to play games.

Mentioned below are some fun and interesting games for kids that will surely make them test their gaming skills to the fullest.  


CatFormer is an entertaining game to play. The storyline is that a cat has lost its way in the basement and you have to guide its way back to the ground floor. Make the cat jump between platforms. The tricky part is that the cat may not obey you all the times, now that’s challenging. It ranks on the list of good online games.


Last Car Standing is a fun game for kids. The game is set on a racetrack. In the game you compete against cars and have to destroy them in order to win the game. It makes to the list of top free games for kids.


The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day is an enjoyable and silly game for kids to kill their time with some adventure. So in the game, you’re a meatball superhero, and you’ll have to stop crimes. This game surely tops the list of fun free PC games.


Looking for good games to play? The Case Of Scary Shadows is the best and an addictive option. It’s based on the classic concept of Mario Brothers. You have to collect acorns while jumping through the platforms and have to run away from the shadows approaching you.


Fallout Shelter is also another addictive and challenging game. The is set in a vault where your task is to manage a nuclear fallout shelter and have to keep your citizens secure and make them do tasks and protect them from the commencing of nuclear world war. It is featured in the fun free PC games of all time.


`Who is Mike` is the greatest mystery game. In this game, you’ll get confronted by someone sounding and looking just like you and you have to investigate Who Mike really is. It is the best free RPG role-playing game.


This game tops the list of cool free games at all times. The Spell is an adventure game designed for kids. You are a wizard in this game with incredible magical powers. You’ll have to fight with other magicians and armies in the game to unravel their unique magic spells.
Hope you enjoyed exploring this extensive list of free to play games for PC that I compiled for you guys. Do try these games out and if your favorite games are missing from the list then feel free to comment its name below.