Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

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I just don`t get it when people say, “Smoke your worries away!”. Well, I believe smoking is itself is one the major worries. It`s a life killer I say. Though I understand that there was a time when smoking was considered as the most charismatic thing to do. Yeah! I know what you all smokers must be thinking, “Way to go dude!”. And the thoughts of dear non-smokers are ringing in my ears already, “Charismatic? Seriously?”. It`s a shocker for me too when this information came across the screen.

Did you know the trend was originated from the Hollywood? It was a regular practice by stars. The roots correctly took its firm place under the ground, and the fashion became awkwardly common among the people. And believe me when I say people I don`t only mean men. It was a usual thing for both the genders, not equally but to some extent. It sounds bizarre to think how such a dangerous substance can become so customary among the people. The risks of smoking were evident back then as well, not the way it is understood in today`s era, but the knowledge was there.

In today`s world, this fashion is being carried out by many different styles and names. The most popular trending way to smoke that`s been practiced now goes by the name of Vaping. Ever heard of it? No? Does E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarettering any bell? There you go! Sounds more sophisticated, no? Well, I wouldn`t say that it does the same damage as the real Smoking, but yes, there are pros and cons of e-cigarettes. If you are seriously very interested in knowing the facts, the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes or maybe you are planning on quitting the habit of smoking and trying to find a more natural way to do that, you all are welcome to continue reading the rest of my blog. Others can gain knowledge from this and at least try quitting your life by smoking.

E-Cigarettes are most prevalent among the youngsters. I don`t understand where our generation is leading towards. The urge of smoking is irresistible, but do you really think that this Chinese innovation is healthy enough to cease people from smoking and diverting them to another direction towards a healthy life? Let`s check out the Pros of E-Cigarettes. Let`s see the benefits it offers to the smokers who are in search of the help to get rid of the smoking habit. This could be the first step towards a new healthy life for you fellas.



We all know that regular cigarettes consist of many harmful chemicals like tar, Acetic Acid, Tobacco, Toluene, Arsenic, Carbon Monoxide and a number of other hazardous substances. Luckily, E-Cigarettes doesn`t consist of such subversive contents.


Regular Cigarette contains more than four thousand (4,000) of treacherous substances, out of which forty-three (43) are the cancer-causing chemicals and the four hundred (400) other toxic compounds. Providentially, E-Cigarettes minimizes the chance of getting cancer due to the absence of such poisonous substances.


Not all the E-Cigarettes are nicotine free. There is this thing called “e-liquid” which is basically a cartridge that goes right into the body of the Electronic Cigarettes. It could consist of nicotine, but there are some e-liquids that are nicotine-free, which means there will be no amount of nicotine present in it. Only the flavor of nicotine would be added so that while vaping, the user could feel the taste of nicotine but it`s actually harmless due to the no presence of actual nicotine.

Isn`t it amazing? I think it`s a great a way to help people cut off their habit of smoking cigarettes or smoking Hookah-Shisha, which is also a regulating trend leading the people towards theirdeathbed! My friendly advice to you my pal is to quit these various kinds of smoking and move to the healthy vaping. Quit before it`s too late to be sorry.


There is this another great thing about E-Cigarettes. It will lead to discovering the new realms of flavors. Good news! You can also enjoy vaping in different flavors. There is an immense collection of vaping flavors that you could enjoy like, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Grape, Apple, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum and a massive variety of other flavors.

People struggling to quit smoking could also try Tobacco and Nicotine flavors. These flavors do not contain any of these ingredients it only consists of the artificial flavoring helping the smoker to quit smoking in the healthiest way possible.


Unlike regular cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes does not release any odor that could cause discomfort to the people around. It is also ash free. As the name reflects the image of the product to be completely an electronic device, it consists of the battery that is needed to be charged for the cigarette to work. The e-liquidor e-juice makes the vapors. Since the electronic cigarette does not contain any fatal ingredients, it is also seemingly safe for passive smokers.

These advantages of using the E-Cigarettes are undeniable. But we don`t live in the world of fantasies. Where the advantages of anything are discussed the disadvantages goes along on the side of it.

Let`s discuss some of the Cons of using E-Cigarettes.



Since there are no studies up till yet that can prove there could be any health risks with the use of electronic cigarettes. This is still being considered as not a safe option.


This is highly unsuitable for non-smokers. There is a high chance that a person who does not smoke could get addicted to smoking e-cigarettes and the amount of nicotine present in the e-liquid could lead the person towards the habit of smoking real cigarettes or hookah-shisha.

Since there is no age limit define on the packaging of the product, the children could also get addicted to the use of e-cigarettes which, then again, could lead them towards real smoking.

There are no restrictions or warnings mentioned on the packaging of the product whether it is suitable for everyone or not. For example, is it safe enough for a pregnant lady to vape or is it safe enough to vape in front of a person who has trouble breathing smoke? Many answers are still left unknown.


Since there are FDA restrictions on the selling and marketing of the product, people of every age including the school kids are buying electronic cigarettes and using them commonly. This is something to be very concerned about as it could lead to the addiction of smoking.

I hope after reading my blog, you will definitely be able to compare your choice with regular smoking and smoking with electronic cigarettes. I mean we cannot ignore the fact that Vaping is a better option than regular smoking.

Let me know what your thoughts are and what do you think is the better option for the smokers. I`ll be desperately waiting for your amazing responses. XOXO!