51 Things To Quit 0r Adopt For A Better 2020

By ADMIN Writer, builtreviews.

Every year we hear people making some unachievable New Year’s resolutions. Soon those people are seen lacking their progress towards their unrealistic resolutions. So, in my opinion, making a New Year’s Resolution has become a trend in many people’s lives just for the sake of fun. I aim to change the whole Scenario of New Year’s Resolutions by providing you a list full of regrettable habits and the perfect cure for them to make your New Year better than the last one. Keep reading to get useful and helpful notes on quitting bad habits and adopting the good ones. 

1. Quit the thought that you are a perfectionist. Instead, you should adopt the fact that nothing is perfect in life and we have to keep trying to make ourselves better than who we are today. So keep trying and once you reach a goal, set another one. 

2. Stop ignoring the important people in your life. Our parents and friends deserve our time. We should make every effort to talk to them every once in a while even if it’s only for few minutes because it really matters to them!

3. Stop chasing the ones who do not care about you. They’ll only hurt you more by their bad behavior. Instead, you should find the right partner for yourself through many popular and rated match-making websites that are authentic. 

4. Food shaming is a bad habit. You do not need to criticize yourself for eating that piece of cake or for eating that bag of chips. Instead, start embracing your personality or else you’ll be left with the habit of judging others on their food intake as well. 

5. Start exercising daily. Make this your habit not only to reduce weight but to keep your body and muscles active all day long. People who exercise daily tend to live long. Adopt this habit by exercising three minutes a day. 


6. Be positive! Throw away the negative thoughts and inhale a deep breath of positive vibes. Once you’ll do that, not only you’ll feel happier but you’ll get free from all the worries and tensions also.

7. Stop spending time on social media. Spending time on useful content is one thing but wasting your time on social media exploring wedding albums of your friends is another. We do not realize that how much time is wasted each day through this habit of ours.  Fix it by investing time in reading some good novels. 

8. Stop wasting your money on low-quality apparel which will surely not last for long. Instead, invest your money into high-end brands so that you’ll get the ultimate satisfaction. And also you won’t waste money and time in buying large quantities of cheap clothing. 

9. Quit making New Year’s resolutions that you are not going to keep because if you set the goal too high to reach, you’ll never reach it. Instead, make an achievable promise to yourself rather than making a New Year’s resolution. 

10. Stop flaunting your flaws. Instead, you should put in some effort to minimize them with time for a great year ahead. Like if you are short-tempered or get angry about little things, try to work on it.

11.Quit the habit of snoozing your alarm. I know we all have been through one of those days when we don’t feel like waking up from our dreamland and press the snooze button on our phones. This bad habit is going to make your natural cycle suffer.So, the next time your alarm buzzes, start thinking about the breakfast you’re going to have, interesting?

12. Leave behind the friends who just don’t seem to care about you.Having a best friend is fantastic. But having one who is continuously rambling about her problems without asking about how you are doing is just not going to work anymore in 2018. Instead, make new friends.  

13. Stop making Mobile Phones a priority, once you get up or when you lay down on your bed at night. We are getting addicted to these phones day by day whether you believe it or not. Instead, have a pleasant conversation with your family members when you’re in bed at night and when you wake up in the morning, do some stretching on your bed to relax your body. 

14.Stop being busy all the time. Some might think that being busy is a sign of being ultimately successful, which is not true. Being busy will leave you with stress and anxiety so make time for yourself, your family and friends between your hectic routine. 

15.Quit the habit of sitting all day long. If you sit in the same position, you’ll soon get muscular pains and diseases linking towards anxiety and depression. Instead, set the alarm for every other hour and go for a 5-minute walk.

16.Stop comparing yourself to others. By doing so, you’ll only hurt yourself. Instead, count the blessings you have in your life and look for the ones who don’t have those blessings in their lives. You’ll instantly feel good.

17. Stop Judging. It is a terrible habit. When you judge someone by their looks, actions, and preferences, it only speaks about yourself because you’re making those judgments by your limited mentality. Quit this habit and start looking into yourself. 

18.Start eating healthy. Eating healthier is the best way to avoid all the painful diseases linked to eating junk food or unhealthy food. Adopt this habit for a prosperous and healthier future. 

19.Start drinking lots of water. Sometimes our water intake depends on the season like it gets maximum in summers and minimum in winters. On average we should drink eight glasses of water to flush out all the toxins from our body. 

20.Stop worrying about the future. We spend most of our present thinking about future that we even forget to live our present moments peacefully. So stop thinking about it unless you’re planning something, and keep your focus on the present. 

21.Adopt the habit of helping others. If you’re looking for happiness, then believe me this habit of selflessness will give you the ultimate pleasure. Helping others will leave you with a heart-warming feeling and make you realize that you can be a blessing for someone.  

22. Stop washing your hair daily. If you wash your hair every day before going out, then you need to minimize it by once or twice a week. Your hair is going to thank you. 

23.Quit the habit of wasting money by buying unwanted things. Splurging money on things you do not need is a big problem for many. Instead, save on things by couponing and shop when there’s a sale going on. 

24.Quit watching television every day. Give your mind and eyes a break. Adopt the habit of sleeping early at night so that you’ll wake up fresh every morning without going for the snooze button. 

25.Stop dining out frequently. Instead, you should buy a cookbook and learn to cook the entrées you always love having at a restaurant. This will save you money and will also keep you involved in a good habit of cooking, making you an expert in that field. 

26.Read a book instead of watching movies on weekends. Make your weekends more exciting by buying some quality books written by some great authors. Also, recommend them to your friends to get an ultimate reading experience on a Saturday night. In this way, you’ll also have something to discuss with your friend over the next phone call. 

27. Stop keeping your feelings to yourself. Instead, share them with a friend. You are also a human being, and it is quite natural for you to be emotional sometimes but it will be strange if you keep those feelings in your heart. Blurting them out in front of a friend or your family member will ease your pain.

28.Let go of the idea that getting engaged/married or getting successful are the only ways you’ll be considered well-established in the coming year. This is a mindset of many mediocre communities in the world. Let go of this thinking in 2018. 

29.Quit the habit of pending your work when you can do it today. This is only going to make your life tough and miserable for the next day. Instead, make a habit of not leaving any work undone unless there’s an emergency.

30.Let go of the idea that money is the only source of happiness. It’s correct that you can buy stuff from money, but you can’t get ultimate happiness just by spending dollars. What you can do in 2018 is buy something for the underprivileged, in this way you’ll prove money can become a source of happiness. 

31. Stop living in your past and concentrate on your present for a better future. I know in that phrase I’ve mentioned all three phases of life, past, present and the future. So forget the past, focus on today and plan for future. 

32.Stop gossiping around. Gossiping is another bad habit which will pollute your tongue, mind, and heart. Instead, talk about something productive with the ones you’re used to gossip. Share your life experiences rather than gossiping about someone. 

33.Quit smoking. Smoking is the worst habit out of all the bad habits. Quit this habit by switching to fresh mints so that your mouth is always filled with something great and you won’t need to puff a cigarette anymore.

34.Stop blaming others for your deeds and start taking responsibility. Stand up for your own mistakes and try to resolve them rather than blaming everyone else for the issue.   

35.Stop planning on traveling if you are financially unstable to make that trip happen in reality. Instead, make a structured plan for savings and work hard to achieve your goals.  

36.Leave behind the habit of saying yes when you genuinely want to say no. Be confident enough to stand up for your decisions. Make yourself clear to everyone whether it’s your family or your boss.  

37.Start taking risks in life without worrying about the failure. Bring out the adventurous you. Taking risks means merely coming out from your comfort zone and experiencing something new. You never know what will make you succeed. 

38.Start taking coffee without milk. Office going people tend to gravitate towards drinking coffee in the morning to kick-start their day with attentiveness. So skip milk in your coffee to make it work like magic. 

39.Make a habit of volunteering. Through this habit, you will gain experience and you’ll also get an inner satisfaction by working with the community. You can do charitable work if you’re not into volunteering. Begin your New Year by making it better for someone else.  

40. Join clubs and online forums based upon on your interests to meet new people and interact with them. I know it is hard to recognize who is real and who is fake in this internet era but you’ll find lots of authentic and trusted sites which provide a full guarantee of their users being real. So interact and chat with new people and grow your mind.  

41. Start paying your credit card’s debt. In 2018, you should make a promise to yourself that you’ll pay all your debts which will make you tension-free. Because once you enter into this world of credit, it is hard not to get lost and slip. 

42. Stop wasting your leisure time and start learning new things like languages or doing some productive courses. There’s always time when you don’t have your social media to waste a couple of your hours. So go pro and learn online, free of cost. This will increase your learning skills and broaden your mind to adopt new things.

43.Stop posting every single detail about your life on social media. This habit can be life-threatening at certain times and besides nobody has interest in knowing that you ate a green salad with mashed potatoes, last Sunday at 9 am, so please quit it. 

44. Stop living life as a competition. Stop thinking like this as this thought will only eat your brain. Think about life as a journey where everyone is fighting their own battle with their own obstacles. So focus on yourself and relax your mind from time-to-time. 

45. Start doing things that make you happy. This one is my favorite. As for me, I love eating chocolate and singing, so I want to attend an assorted chocolate exhibition or take dance lessons because life is too short and we need to enjoy it to the fullest. 

46.Stop thinking about what the others will say. You do not need to worry about what others are going to say because people talk, whether you do something right or wrong, they’ll always talk. So do whatever you want to do and do it freely. 

47.Don’t follow others. Instead, set an example for others to follow. It’s okay to have an inspiration but to follow them blindly is wrong. Make your statements and live your life the way you want to. 

48.Adopt the habit of organizing your things. Life can be a bit messy sometimes, but you need to learn to clear things up before it gets even messier. Organize your living space from time to time for lesser burdens. 

49.Stop trying to fix others and focus on yourself. You do not have special powers, so quit solving everyone else’s problems and start focusing on your own. Pay more attention to your troubles and think of an effective way to get rid of them. 

50.Make time for yourself. After coming home from the office, don’t go straight to the kitchen and start doing dishes and making food. Take a quick shower to relax your mind or listen to music to soothe your senses. 

51.Don’t feel guilty in treating yourself every once in a while. Adopt this habit, and you’ll feel happier like never before. It’s okay to go to the spa and it is okay to travel once in a year, and it is also okay to gift yourself expensive items anytime you want to. So, kick the guilt out! 

2018 is going to be a great year for you if you try to adopt these habits and quit the bad ones I’ve mentioned above. I hope you find them intriguing enough to share them with your family and friends. So share your views and thoughts by commenting down below. Also, you can suggest some more prominent points to insert in this list.